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Hans Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer who splits his time between Boston and Kenya. His music has been featured in numerous television shows, commercials, and documentaries. He has been featured on BBC radio, as well as NPR. Since his debut in 2019, his music has garnered over 5 million streams and 3 million music video views across social media.

New Album IMBA

IMBA means "to sing" in Swahili. The album is a collection of songs that blend traditional folk singing from around the world with cinematic instrumentation.


Hans has traveled throughout rural areas in Africa in search of indigenous singers to collaborate with. The songs on IMBA reflect this diversity, with each track featuring a different singer from a different country. He then takes the streaming profits and uses them to fund local initiatives, such as a school in Kenya, where Maasai women who were forced to marry at a young age can now learn to read and write, for free. The classes are designed and taught by other Maasai who did have a chance to go to school.

High-Res Photos

Singles from IMBA

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